Sendbird UIKit SDK

I’ve faced the issue with signing up using Sendbird UIKit SDK

I’ve created a group channel from admin panel and then trying to connect to it from my code like that

appdelegate: (like on example)
SBUMain.initialize(applicationId: Constants.sendBirdAppId)
SBUGlobals.AccessToken = “”


SBUGlobals.CurrentUser = SBUUser(userId: userID, nickname: username)

SBUMain.connect { (user, error) in

            guard error == nil else { return }
            if error == nil {
                SBDGroupChannel.getWithUrl("Some url") { (channel, error) in

                    guard error == nil else { return }
                    channel?.join(completionHandler: { (error) in


But there is an issue

Optional(Error Domain=Not authorized. “User must be a member.”. Code=400108 “(null)”)

But how can I be a member if can’t join that?(

@darya.karneichuk Hello! from dashboard, you can only create a group channel which is not a public. That means, users cannot join the channel unless a creator invites them.

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I think it should be clear in the documentation. Thanks, your answer solved my issue

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