[Sendbird UIKit V3]: Unable to connect to a sendbird user which has google-oauth2| as prefix in user id

I an unable to connect to send bird UI sdk with user id google-oauth2|1003922.
As I observed its not connecting (not getting any callback from SendbirdUI.connect method).

SBUGlobals.currentUser = SBUUser(userId: "google-oauth2|1003922")
SendbirdUI.connect { user, error in
  // Not getting callback here.
   if let usr = user {

As I observed when I pass google-oauth2| as prefix in user id for authentication to sendbird sdk, connect method callback is not getting fired.
If I remove this prefix from user id then its working fine.

Please help me to resolve this.

I have some findings for this issue below:
Its a issue with | character i think. The issue is happening only if I am passing user id with | character i.e google-oauth2|1003922
But it is working fine without | chanracter i.e google-oauth21003922
Not working - google-oauth2|1003922
Working- google-oauth21003922

Hi, @Brammanand_Soni

Please update SendbirdChat version to the latest version (4.8.0)

Sendbird Chat 4.8.0 Release Note: Release v4.8.0 · sendbird/sendbird-chat-sdk-ios · GitHub

Thanks for letting me know the issue.