Unable to connect user to sendbird server

  • I am using sendbird-chat-sdk dependency ‘com.sendbird.sdk:sendbird-chat:4.8.0’

  • When I am trying to connect the user to sendbird server, i am getting “400302” error code.

  • Can you please guide me how to generate AccessToken by using sendbird-chat-sdk.

I am using sendbird-chat-sdk version == com.sendbird.sdk:sendbird-chat:4.8.0


I appreciate your patience here.

The 400302 error code you mentioned indicates an authentication error. Make sure you are using a valid access token and that the user ID is correct.

Also, please note that the Sendbird Chat SDK version you mentioned (4.8.0) is not compatible with the code provided above. The code is based on version 3.0.155 of the Sendbird SDK. You may need to update your SDK version.

Please refer: GitHub - sendbird/sendbird-chat-sdk-android

Let me know if this helps.