SendBirdDesk/SendBirdDesk.h' file not found

I am trying to run sendbird desk demo project but getting this error (endBirdDesk/SendBirdDesk.h’ file not found

) on xcode12. can any one know how to fix this ?

Hi @Muhammad_Abu_bakar ,

Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:
Did you correctly install SendbirdDesk with cocoapods, and opened the project in the created xcworkspace?

I have the same problem. Installation made according to the instructions: GitHub - sendbird/quickstart-desk-ios: Sendbird Desk for iOS sample for fast and easy implementati

@Muhammad_Abu_bakar, change SendBirdDesk version to 1.0.15:

pod 'SendBirdDesk', :git => '', :tag => 'v1.0.15'

PS: Their support works badly, so the problems are solved by the users themselves.