"SendbirdError: 500910 Too many requests" When trying to send signed up users welcome messages during stress test

We are sending each signed up user a welcome message once they finish signing up. It has been working fine until we started stress testing, and now run into a 500910 after 5-6 signups. We are sending the welcome messages from our API by sending messages to each new user with our master key. Is there a way around this, or a better way to do a welcome message using sendbird?

Please take note of the API rate limits that are in place for various endpoints and based on your plan.

Try to throttle these requests with a time period that respects the allowed API rate limit.

Conversely, you can leverage Auto Messages when either a user joins a channel or a channel is created depending on how you implement your logic. You can enable auto messages for each event in the Sendbird Dashboard under Settings > Chat > Channels > Group Channels > Auto message.