SendBirdException: "Channel" not found

Hello, Sendbird community. I’m receiving this warning on the user-side every time when I deleting my channel from the dashboard or from the application (didn’t get it on the operator side, only on the user), the channel was deleted successfully and everything works well, except this warning on the user side. How I can avoid it, or where I can handle it? Trying to catch it in all used sendbird SDK functions but with no luck.

Hello @Yuriy_Lunyov,

How are you handling the deletion on the front end? It seems like when you delete the channel, you’re still attempting to call it in some form.

I’m just removing this channel from redux store channels array (by using Array.filter method) on onChannelDeleted handler. Yeah it’s looks like channel called somewhere, but I have rechecked all methods and no one is firing.

Looks like I was able to recreate this in my React/Redux example. Let me do some digging and circle back to you.

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Any update on this problem?

Hi @Yuriy_Lunyov,

My apologies for my delayed response. I was able to track down the cause of this issue and am connecting with our Engineering team to resolve it.

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