SendBirdUIKit's MessageInputView state value update event issue

SendBirdUIKit: 2.2.2
SendBirdSDK: 3.1.3

We are currently servicing our app by applying the SendBirdUIKit SDK, and we found an issue.

If the person you want to talk to is in a deactivated state, we forcibly change the MessageInputView to a frozen state. (Because you can’t talk to them anyway) But in this state, if you go to the background and return to the foreground again, SendBird changes the state of the MessageInputView to its original state.

When I checked the SendBirdUIKit code, an event occurred in “channelViewModel.channelChangeObservable” of the “SBUChannelViewController” class, and the state of the Input Box was changed. The unfortunate thing is that it is impossible to add observing because access to the ViewModel object is not possible, and updateMessageInputModeState, which is a function that actually changes the state of the Input Box, cannot be used because it is not inherited.

We try to use the existing SendBirdUIKit code as much as possible. Most of them are inherited and only the UI part has been slightly modified and used, and I want to continue to do so. Is there any good way to solve the above issue with minimal modifications?