Sending gathered information via bot to server endpoint


I am interested in piece of documentation about sending post request with gathered information by bot to server endpoint. Let’s say I am creating some medical doctor assistant that gathers symptoms from the customer and sends a post request to book a visit with doctor. I want all the details gathered via bot to be sent to server endpoint so, the booking has all the symptoms.

How do I do that?

Hi Volodymr!

Thanks. This is a great question.

What are the information that you want to send the server endpoint? Do you expect the information to be collected through the conversation or some other means?

If so, to get things started, what you can do is set up an endpoint (see the guide here)

And in the “body” of the payload, add a dynamic field that can be picked up by the conversation and added by the AI chatbot. So for instance,


“patient”: sendbird.userID
“symptoms”: dynamic

So I would start from defining what you want to send to the server endpoint at which timeframe.

Thanks @sangha , I want to collect the information and post it in json format to my endpoint. I’ve tried like you described with dynamic parameter but the bot continuously ignores sending symptoms json object and it posts userId only.