setBackgroundMessageHandler is not working in IOS

In IOS, setBackgroundMessageHandler is not working

but by using push-notification-ios / notifee, I can get push notification as local notification

What is the problem?

Hi @pickn. Could you please give more information about what you have done so far and what is not working?

  1. Install react-native-firebase/messaging
  2. setting setBackgroundMessageHandler at index.js
  3. connect sendbird using registerAPNSPushTokenForCurrentUser

but when I send message, console doesn’t show anything

@pickn You have already done Notification Settings on Sendbird’s Dashboard, right?

Sendbird will send push notifications to users when they are not connected to Sendbird. While connecting Sendbird, Sendbird will send a new message via WebSocket.

Could you please check whether your user is disconnected from Sendbird or not?

Yes, user is connected

SetBackgroundMessageHandler is working at Android
not working on IOS as same code