Unable to receive foreground notifications from Sendbird - React Native

Hi, i’m in the process of integrating the service in my React Native app. There is 1 user in a group channel and when the app is closed and the admin sends a message with push enabled, i receive a generic notification fine but when i’m in the foreground nothing happens. Sending an FCM test message from Firebase is being received OK. Not sure if i’m missing a step from the doc ?

Right now, on launch, after grabbing the FCM token for the currently logged in user, I register that with Sendbird alongside setting the user’s push notif trigger to ‘all’.

Any advise ?


Hi @sraw,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community! This is likely because by default we only send push notifications when all devices are offline (background). When the application is in the foreground the user is considered online and thus we don’t send them a push. If you’re hoping to get a push notification, you’ll want to go to your application and go to Settings > Notifications and ensure Send to devices both offline and online is checked.

Hi @Tyler, Thanks for the response back. I can confirm that the option is checked but i’m not receiving any notifications from Sendbird. Just to confirm once again, it is an ADMIN sending a message to a user with push enabled.


Can you share with me how you’re sending an ADMM message? Are you sending it via the dashboard or via another method?

Hi Tyler, apologies. There was an issue with APNS notifications being received in the foreground. That’s fixed and now i’m able to receive foreground notifications fine. Thanks a lot. This thread can be closed.