Show Avatar in video calling inside SDK

Is there any way that we can show avatar while video calling instead of human face

Hello, @Ashish098 Welcome to the Sendbird community!

I need to check this. For that, I would like to know more details on your implementation and use case. Can you please which platform you are using and share some reference screenshots?

Hi @Chinmaya_Gupta , Great meeting you. I am using Android platform. While Video calling, Is there any option we can change to 3D Avatar instead of Human face.
The use case is If I don’t want to show my real face, we can switch to Avatar.
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Hello @Ashish098 Thank you for your patience.

I’ve checked this and discussed this internally unfortunately we do not have this as of now.

Let me know if have any questions.

Fine , No worry @Chinmaya_Gupta
thanks for the update