Stored images and video while using them showing expired token

I am storing images and videos in Sendbird db. while accessing them ,it showing expired token error


The authentication key created at login is 3 days, so you need to generate the key again to access it. (or re-login)
The default value of file authentication is true, and if you change this value with a support request on the dashboard, file access is possible without authentication. In this case, judgment is required because anyone can access it.
Of course you need to know the file path to access it

"the files are uploaded first, then encrypted, and finally stored along with the thumbnail images which are encrypted as well. The parameter auth should be added to the end of the file URLs when accessing them, which is specified with an encryption key of the user such as ?auth=RW5b2RIHaMdGV4eA== . An encryption key, which is managed internally by the Sendbird system, is generated every time a user logs in to Sendbird server and is valid for 3 days starting from the last login. The system mainly uses the key to check if a user is properly accessing the data of the application. (Default: true ) "