Support for group channel list reverse order

Hi, we are currently use the Android SDK but cannot find the API for reverse ordering the group channel list, while in web API it exist. Is it not supported yet in Android SDK?

Hi @wisnup thank you for contacting us. Could you please specify the web API you are referring to? I thought you meant but it seems like there is no reverse option for this api.

Thank you.

Sorry I posted in wrong tag :frowning:

@Cjeon So you mean no option to reverse order in Android SDK? Is there a plan to add it later?

Hi @wisnup, I’m not sure I got your question. I thought you were asking us if there is reverse option in our GroupChannelListQuery. As far as I know we do not have reverse option in Android SDK and it’s seems like it’s not in the API as well.

Maybe perhaps you meant different API? Could you please tell us more about the API you mean by “web APIinwhile in web API it exist”?

Hi @Cjeon
Sorry I got it from our web devs. Anyhow, my question is currently we can only order by this option


But if I want it to be LATEST_LAST_MESSAGE but reversed, is that possible? So I can get the order from the oldest last message.

Hi @wisnup, I’m not quite sure if it’s possible. Let me ask other engineers if there is a walk around for this and get back to you.

@Cjeon thanks for the reply. I will also ask our web devs again how they do the reverse order if it’s not supported.

Hi @wisnup. I checked and asked our server engineers if we have such options, and sadly there were none. It would be nice if your web devs can come up with solutions, but if you want this as a new feature, please contact our sales/operations team so that we can work on this.

When contacting, please give them a link to this post and tell them you spoke with me so that things could go faster.

Sorry for not being able to help, and I wish I could be more helpful next time :slightly_smiling_face: