Taking user to appropriate screen after tapping on chat push notification in iOS

How to accomplish taking user (based on channel_id or any other mean) to specific chat channel screen when user taps on notification in iOS since silent notifications are disabled for APNs in Sendbird?

Hello @moqbel,

As mentioned in your other thread, this ultimately depends on what your push implementation looks like for Flutter. There are various implementation styles with different processes. Can you expand on your Push implementation a bit? Such as what packages you’re using?

Hi @Tyler

First firebase_messaging was used which worked nicely in android but not iOS; in iOS the background callback never triggered actually(I tried everything couldn’t manage to make it work) but the default popup always showed.

So now push is being used like in the example app you guys have. However in android it didn’t work until firebase_core was added; ( strange since the example app doesn’t include the firebase_core package) it always complained that firebase app has not been initialised.

It seems now it works well after adding that although I haven’t tested whether a push notification callback will trigger if the app has been terminated.

In iOS push also works and the background callback is triggered ( not all the time though) but at the same time as you know the default notification appears.