Tech Stack Guidance

Hello SendBird people!

So I just got off a call with sales team and need some technical guidance on how to build version 2 of my startups entire platform!

Currently I have a social networking engine with CometChat integration which has all the features I am looking for, but unfortunately bad performance :frowning:

I was not aware you guys had a javascript web app solution widget and UIKit sample like solution until after sales call and with that said I was just in need of advice on what tech stack to refactor entire social networking platform and then how to best integrate all the features I need!

Would you guys recommend MERN stack for the React Native SDK you guys have for chat?

Is the Javascript webapp easily integrated with React?

What if I need to add screen share, realtime whiteboard and doc into app any 3rd party recommendations?

Sales told me there is screen share and obviously there is audio video support with call product, but there is still some missing features I need so I could use some help from the community!

Thanks to anyone that replies to me :slight_smile:


Hey @alexm1337,

I’ve moved your post into its own topic as its a bit out of scope for the introduction thread.
While I can’t give you explicit recommendations as to what tech stack you should utilize, I can say that we have a few sample apps built on React.

Additionally, our UIKit is built specifically for React.