How do I integrate this with Django

I must be really dumb for asking this question but I do not understand your documentation, you guys talk about Javascript but when I go to Javascript I only see React for web…

If I do not have an app with react and I want to use JS only how, can I integrate it?

Also, If I want to build a mobile app with a support chat and have a website to handle the support tickets, how do I create this website? what is this feature called in your platform, I was only able to see a youtube video showing it but no information regarding it.

Hi @eSG,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community. I’m not entirely clear on your question. When you mention React, are you using the UIKit or the core chat SDK?

The core SDK documentation for Javascript is located here: Send your first message | Chat JavaScript SDK | Sendbird Docs

You can also see the Javascript SDK on npm: sendbird - npm

In terms of building out a website, that would be something you would need to build from scratch and then implement the SDK to meet your needs. There is not a static feature that covers your question.

Hello Tyler,

My apologies for not being as detailed as I should in this situation, I am looking for assistance working with SendBird integration with the Django Admin site. I was reading through their documentation and they offer two things that we could use for a “Chat with support” feature, basically we want to have inside our admin dashboard a link to the admin chat page like it’s displayed on the following Demo Video for SendBird Desk - YouTube Based on your documentation I could do the following:

  • We could use the API that they provide to build a chat system page to enable the admin to chat with the users on the app (this is not recommended since APIs are not suitable for chat apps)
  • We could use their JavaScript SDK to implement this, however, this requires us to build an app using Node JS to support their settings (not the best thing to do, since I already have a backend with Django).

Since none of these options seem like the way to do this, has any of you worked on a feature like this with SendBird? Any help will be appreciated.

Hi @eSG,

We’ve not built any specific integrations with django’s admin webpage and so I’m not entirely familiar with its limitations. The Admin dashboard in the video is just, and navigating to the desk portion of your application that has Desk enabled.

As for how to implement the client side, that would be up to you to incorporate whichever way makes the most sense for you. We don’t offer a Python SDK.