There is an issue during the development of a voice call app with react-native-webview in the Expo project

Hello, I am Korean Developer. Please understand that my English is not good.
We are developing a webvew app that makes voice calls from react native to expo. Webview uses the sendbird call API, but the audio and speakers do not work at all. The main code for webview was written according to the quickstart-calls-reactjs of the sample. I’m not sure if it’s a permission issue or a webview issue. I’d appreciate your help. ㅠㅠㅠ crying

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[SDK Version]
Javascript 1.10.0

[Reproduction Steps]
I couldn’t prepare it because I was in a hurry to ask questions.

It happened for the first time and has not been resolved for two weeks.

[Current impact]
There is a loss to the company because we couldn’t proceed with the next development.