Thread running at QOS_CLASS_USER_INTERACTIVE sendbirdUI.swift

Screenshot 2022-09-28 at 16.09.52

/Users/jaesung.lee/Documents/UIKit/uikit-ios-v3/SendbirdUIKit/SendbirdUI.swift:90: warning run: Thread running at QOS_CLASS_USER_INTERACTIVE waiting on a lower QoS thread running at QOS_CLASS_BACKGROUND. Investigate ways to avoid priority inversions

Please let us know the fix

@mininny @Tyler Is there any update on the above issue.

I’m Initialising the sendbird after login and getting lot of replace and insert operation on app launch also this is blocking main thread and app is unresponsive for more than 30s and user thinks app is stuck. This is highly observable in ios16.1.1 and iPhone 12 Pro. Quick fix is needed or please let me know of a work around.