Two "Invalid Exclude" warnings in sendbird-uikit-ios Swift package

I’m getting 2 warnings that there is an “Invalid Exclude” being specified in the sendbird-uikit-ios package.

Invalid Exclude ‘/Users/gbear/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/InternetFM-eziehwownkwaudgqbxrrhwvdjhhp/SourcePackages/checkouts/sendbird-uikit-ios/Framework/Dependency/Sources’: File not found.

Invalid Exclude ‘/Users/gbear/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/InternetFM-eziehwownkwaudgqbxrrhwvdjhhp/SourcePackages/checkouts/sendbird-uikit-ios/Framework/Dependency/Sample’: File not found.

Indeed, these folders do not exist.

There’s a file called “Package.swift” that contains this code and the bottom ends with “exclude: [“Sample”, “Sources”]”

Removing that would fix this, but that file is read-only.

Hello, Thank you for reaching out. Let me look into this. Can you help me share environments such as the Xcode version, macOS version, and Sendbird UIKit version?

I think it was 2.2.0, but I noticed that the latest version fixed this problem. You can close this ticket now. Thanks!