UIKit error when hiding <SBConversation/> tag

Hi I am currently using sendbird-uikit “1.3.0”. When I conditionally hide the tag I am receiving error message below.

Hi @Andrew_Colagreco can you give us a little bit more context on this?

Code samples and a detailed description of your use case would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @Sravan_S I posted the piece of code below that is causing this error. showConversation is just a boolean value that I turn on or off depending if the user has selected a channel or not. When the Boolean value turns false and we hide the ‘SBConversation>’ tag we get the error every time. Let me know if you need anymore information.

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Thanks for the sample, we will check and get back ASAP

Hi, @Andrew_Colagreco sorry for the delay, the team is a bit occupied… Will reply this by next Dec-14

Hi @Andrew_Colagreco we figured this out… It is a bug from our side, we will fix it ASAP to 1.3.1 and ping you
Mean while, please try to use an error boundary to wrap SBConversation component

Hey @Andrew_Colagreco
Can you check our version 1.3.1?

Hey @Sravan_S,

I actually updated to 2.0.0 Alpha for the open channels. It is currently still a problem in that version as well. I also encountered a bug in that version for a different issue. Should I create a new ticket for that bug? It is related to the sendbird selector getOpenChannelSendUserMessage.


Hi @Andrew_Colagreco

Sorry for the late reply… 2.0.0 Alpha should have this issue too, we fixed it in 2.0.0 and 1.3.1