UIKIT Sendbird Chat not responsive on mobile!

Hi everyone,

I recently followed the UIKIT Sendbird Chat tutorial to integrate Sendbird chat into my website. However, I noticed that the chat is not responsive on mobile devices and only works on desktops.

I want to fix this issue and make the chat responsive on all devices. Can anyone suggest any solutions or point me in the right direction?

I would greatly appreciate any help or advice you can offer. Thank you in advance!

Unfortunately nobody can help me.

Hi, DikkiX
Could you please provide more detailed information?

  • What is the GitHub address for the UIKIT that you referenced as a sample?
  • If you are using it on both mobile and desktop, is the mobile version implemented as a web view or a web app?
  • Can you attach error logs from the mobile version?"
  • Is there a website address or an app that I can check

Hi, i have found an responsive forked code and installed it but now after running it i get errors when i send a message in the chat.

Maybe u may know the issue or someone else may know it.
My github for this code is.