Unable to receive notification

i am using sendbird chat sdk on xamarin forms. everything seems ok , but i am unable to receive notification of message .

@karthik_the_raj Could you check that you upload push certificate through our dashboard? and if so, make sure you upload valid push certificate. Thanks!

hi woo,ya i upload the push certificate , now able to receive notification for android , but for ios not able to receive

did you upload push certificate that was generated from apple? or do you use firebase?

i upload certificate generated from apple

Could you confirm that your push notification works on ios App for normal push? and did you upload apple push notification for both development / production? or separately? Also make sure you call registerDevicePushToken: method on application(_:didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken:) in your appDelegate.

i am using sendbird chat on xamarin forms , normal notification from firebase is working both on android and ios , but sendbird chat notification , when user goes offlien it not working , i added required certificates for both android and ios. for ios i added only developement .can you help me when to call RegisterAPNSPushTokenForCurrentUser and RegisterFCMPushTokenForCurrentUser in xamarin forms or should i use native developemt for push notification?