I cannot set up the push notification

I set up everything on the Sendbird dashboard and register the device token to the Sendbird server.
It is required for making voice/video calls.

func application(_ application: UIApplication,
                     didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken deviceToken: Data) {
        SendBirdCall.registerRemotePush(token: deviceToken) { error in
            print(error?.description ?? "Unknown Error")

I’m getting the following error:
Error Domain=com.sendbird.calls Code=400111 “Invalid value: “push. Please turn on push notifications at SendBird dashboard.”.” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Invalid value: “push. Please turn on push notifications at SendBird dashboard.”.}

I integrated another service already and it is working well.
I uploaded the same push certificates to Sendbird.

Hi @jeremyfall you registered VoIP certificate which you should use SendBirdCall.registerVoIPPush: method.

I added certificates for both VoIP and Alerts, but it didn’t work.
Checking again now…

@Woo I registered the normal push notification but still get the same issue.

so no luck when you use SendBirdCall.registerVoIPPush: with VoIP certificate nor SendBirdCall.registerRemotePush: with apns token?

Would you try and follow VoIP notifications | calls ios SDK | Sendbird Docs this guide?

Hello @jeremyfall ,
Can you please try going into the Settings → Chat → Notifications and turn on the notification setting if it’s not already on?

@mininny Do I have to turn it on even if I’m going to use the call SDK only?

@jeremyfall Yes, for now, you have to.

@mininny After turning on the notification setting on the Chat tab, I don’t see the error while registering the device token now. Thank you.