Unable to see camera stream in iOS devices if room created from a non iOS device

When creating a room of type SMALL_ROOM_FOR_VIDEO in a non-iOS device, I’m unable to see from an iOS device the camera video stream of the user that created the room and is in the room.
However, if I create the room as before, but the other member is in a non iOS device, there is no problem in seeing the camera stream.
If i create the room from an iOS device, and another user joins the room (from an iOS/Android device, or from web) there is no issues related to camera streaming.

[SDK Version]

[Reproduction Steps]
1 - Create a room from an Android device
2 - Share room Id to another user
3 - Use that room Id to join the room
4 - Both users start streaming their cameras

The iOS user is unable to see the Android camera stream
What I can see from logs when i run the react native app for iOS platform, is the following:

This only is logged when i’m not able to see the other user’s camera stream.

I use room.remoteParticipants as a source for getting each external participant.
Then I iterate that list and pass down by props each participant to GroupCallVideoView component,
and room.localParticipant for the local one.


[Current impact]
As the requirements set the need to be able to create and join a room from both iOS, Android and Web, is crucial that camera streams between devices works as expected.

This Bug was solved.

It was fixed by changing the React Native logic to render the Camera stream.
Basically As for now there are only 2 participants allowed in the meet (Business Requirement) there weren’t reasons to render every remote participant.

Old code

  {participantOther ? (
      ) : null}

Before I selected participantOther from room.remoteParticipants[0], and if it was defined I would pass it to GroupCallVideoView component. As it worked when I tested with two different Iphone devices I never re-check that logic.
But I made some research and experiments, and started suspecting of the render behavior.
So I check GitHub - sendbird/sendbird-calls-quickstart-react-native: Download quickstart apps to try the core features for Sendbird Calls SDK. example, and made some tests with it.
Then I tried the following changes:

New Code

          ? remoteParticipants.map(participant => (
          : null}

Now I filter from room.participants and I exclude the local one by id, so I have access to the remote participants only.

 remoteParticipants.map(participant => (

${participant?.participantId}-${participant?.updatedAt} Is a custom key string to force re render every time participant changes, for some reason those changes where lost and video stream never show up.
updatedAt data allowed me to display the camera video stream.


    "react": "17.0.2"
    "react-native": "0.68.1"
    "@sendbird/calls-react-native": "^1.1.1"
    "@sendbird/chat": "^4.9.9"