Group calling like whatsapp using sendbird

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I need to implement group video calling like whatsapp in react native. So Is it possible in any way that we can invite using react native sdk as I need to use react natives predefined views also that is provided by sendbird react native sdk.
also do we get voip notification when we send and invite?

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@sendbird/calls-react-native”: “^1.0.2”

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const roomParams = {
roomType: SendbirdCalls.RoomType.SMALL_ROOM_FOR_VIDEO,
customItems: { invitedUsers: },

        const room = await SendbirdCalls.createRoom(roomParams);
        console.log("sendbird rooms ======== ", room)
        // Room has been created successfully.
        const enterParams = {
            videoEnabled: type == 'video' ? true : false,
            audioEnabled: true

        await room.enter(enterParams)
        console.log("enterParams ======== ", room)
        // for(let i = 0 ; i < users.length ; i++){
        //     if(userProfile?.data?.phone != users[i]){
        //         const invitation = await room.sendInvitation(users[i]);
        //         console.log("invitation ======== ", invitation)
        //     }
        // }

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I am blocked with implementation.