Upgrading to any version after 3.0.131 breaks receiving messages

Hi there.

Having a strange issue where upgrading from 3.0.131 to 3.0.132 (or any later version) makes the app completely stop receiving messages from group channels - but they are still able to be sent.

I’ve looked at the documentation and sample app and I don’t see anything different in our implementation. It’s only the version upgrade that stops incoming messages and as far as I can tell we aren’t using any deprecated methods.

To be clear, all the variations of channel.getMessages() work, but the onMessageReceived callback from the channel handler never triggers.

Would appreciate some assistance on the matter, as we’re a bit stuck.

Hi @Jnthndjgr,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community. When upgrading the version, do any of the handlers get fired on the incoming message? Are you able to open up a network debugger to see if the websocket connection that is established, receives the message?

Hi @Tyler

As far as I can tell, none of the handlers for addChannelHandler are being fired. I’m a bit unsure how to debug the websocket connection with a network debugger.

@Tyler On further investigation, onChannelChanged (with the correct url) does fire, but it seems to be the only handler that’s executing.

In case anyone else encounters this issue: I have managed to solve it.

There seems to be a race condition somewhere internally where if you make the SendBird.init() call too close to adding your channel handler, it will not receive some of the handler triggers.

I solved this by moving the Sendbird.init() call earlier in our chat flow (didn’t want to do it in the application class because not all users of our application will be able to use chat)