URL as a source has a very low Page Limit

I’m on the trial, and are ready and willing to purchase. I’m hitting a 100 pages per URL source. This is extremely low. Is this only on the free trial? What are the limits on the other packages?

Hi James! (@jmyoung780)

Sangha from Sendbird here :slight_smile: We are definitely aware that 100 page is too small and this is only for free trial. We are working to automatically increase the limit on a paid plan, but in the meantime, we can manually increase your limit and scrape more pages if you can share your URL and application id to team.ai@sendbird.com! We would also love to learn more about your use cases so that we can best support you.


Hi there,
I am still waiting on an answer. Please let me know.

I still haven’t heard back and it’s been 5 days

Hi James,

We actually haven’t got the email. Looks like there was some issue with the group email. Can you directly email me to sangha.park@sendbird.com? I apologize for the inconvenience and will get it fixed swiftly!