Not useful to limit trial

I’m trying to get the AI chatbot to do certain things, and if it does those things I’ll purchase a upgraded subscription, however, it seems I can’t do those things without an upgraded subscription. This is quite frustrating. I cannot know if I want to purchase your services without testing your services.

I can’t seem to add urls to the chatbot as knowledge bases - I get an error every time. When I click to get support for this problem, I’m told I can’t get support without an upgraded subscription.

There’s a lot of other AI providers out there. I see a lot of potential here, but you put up too many roadblocks for users to learn about your system to purchase it.

Hi Micah,

We’ve fixed the html URL link issue and please try it again!

For the limitations of the trial, we would like to hear more about which features you had hard time to try with. The team will contact you via email.