User Session Token + SessionHandler

SessionHandler does not work for session tokens.
When a user is connected, after 10 to 15min, the session expires (or the websocket connection stops) and my user is disconnected without notifying any handler.

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[SDK Version]
sendbird_chat_sdk: 4.2.10

[Reproduction Steps]
1/ User Session Token
2/ Add SessionHandler


[Current impact]
Very strong

Hello @System_Yumi,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community. I’m going to need your code implementation in order to help troubleshoot this issue. Can you share with me your code from when you init to connect the Sendbird SDK?

It looks like you’re working with multiple people on these topics. Flutter Chat SDK v4.2.13 was released that resolves this issue.

Hello Tyler,
I just checked, it seems to work, thank you!!