Questions About Session Tokens

We’re currently minting tokens via our backend, but we often run into the error [SendBirdException: This session token is invalid.] when calling the connect function using the token we mint.

We are currently using the default session token expiration of +7 days from whenever it is minted, but we also saw on this docs page the following:

If a user is authenticated with a session token, the Chat SDK connects the user to the Sendbird server and can send data requests to it for ten minutes as long as the session token hasn’t expired or hasn’t been revoked.

So is the token actually valid for 7 days, or only 10 minutes? Should we start thinking about revoking all session tokens for a given user when we run into the invalid token error, then minting a new one yet again? This is our next idea to try, but this feels like a hack and we’d like to find the root cause of why we often see this [SendBirdException: This session token is invalid.] (We are also sure we don’t over-call our minting backend endpoint either, because we only call it for a given user if we see there is less than 1 day left in the token’s lifetime)

Is there anywhere on the dashboard or somewhere we could retrieve a list of all tokens for a given user? That would greatly help us debug.


Looks like there is a typo in this docs page .
Ideally, the session handler checks every 10 minutes to see if the user has a valid Session Token. Once a Session Token is expired the user can remain connected to Sendbird for a maximum of 10 minutes before a force logged out occurs.

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