Users cannot leave channel

When calling:

await channel.leave();

The user does not leave the channel and I get the following error.

Uncaught (in promise) SendbirdError: “user_id” must be a string.

Any ideas as to why?

Still can not leave channels. Is sendbird just broken? Anyone know of an alternative product?

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I personally am not having any issue with the Sendbird leave functionality and I am using UIKit for IOS. Since the staff is probably going to ask as well, can you provide what version of Sendbird you are using (Core or UIkit) and what platform you are building on (IOS, Android, Platform API, etc.).

Also can you attach some more context of your code on how/when you are using the leave functionality, what you are passing in, etc so they can start working on it whenever they see this message?

Moving to SDK thread.