Error leaving group chat when in chat alone

Hi, I am using SendBird SDK and UIKit for Javascript/React.
“sendbird”: “3.0.134”,
“sendbird-uikit”: “1.2.7”,

When a user is in a GroupChannel and wants to leave, I call myGroupChannel.leave(). This works whenever there are multiple users in the channel, but if the user is the only user in the channel this fails. The call to leave the channel succeeds, but afterwards, SendBird UIKit or SDK seems to make a GET request to /v3/sdk/group_channels/mychannelurl which gives a 400 error because the user can no longer access the channel they just left.

I have sendBird.ChannelHandler elsewhere in the application listening for a onUserLeft event which never get called when this error happens.

Is this an issue in the Sendbird JavaScript libraries? Or am I doing something wrong?