Using Sendbird with Firebase for iOS App

I have an iOS app that already uses Firebase as its backend system. Now I need to integrate the chat feature in the app. So I have following questions before I decide

  1. Option 1: Client → Firebase → Sendbird : Is it possible to use Sendbird service API from firebase so that all the chat requests first go to firebase and then routed for Sendbird?
  2. Option 2: Client → Sendbird : If I use ChatSDK directly in the app then how does the authentication will work like SSO with firebase because we cannot authenticate user twice. How does that work?
  3. Which one is better Option among 1 and 2?
  4. Does SendbirdSDK support client side on device “messages, files, and media” caching or I need to handle it myself?
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Hi @Orange , Welcome to Sendbird Community!

Q1 & Q2
: Unfortunately, we do not support Option 1 and you may utilize Sendbird SDK directly.
When a user connects to Sendbird, he/she is authenticated with their unique user ID and either an access token or a session token.
Please refer to the following.

: Currently, the local caching for all the messages and group channels is supported.
You may get more detail below.