Video call declined

I’m working with sendbird-calls to achieve direct 1:1 video call between users. In general - it’s working fine.
I have only one issue, maybe you can pinpoint what the cause might be.

For two userIDs - the call is always “declined”.
On Client side - when call is received - there is error in Network Tab for: :path: /v1/action/direct_call

code: 1400101
error: true
message: "The call request is invalid because it is made to the already ended call."
request_id: "5641f51b-fe8f-472c-ab51-08bb1ff654d6"

To sum up: Video calls are working fine for 30 different users, except two. I would like to find the cause of the problem now, so in production environment I will not have this “random” issue appearing anymore.

I’m using sendbird-calls v. 1.9.0

I also had the same problem as him. I’m using sendbird-calls v. 1.9.1