View pending channel invitations

How can I use the iOS Chat SDK (not the UIKit) to view a list of pending channel invitations for the current user (so that I can select to Accept the invitation)?

Hi @srgray,

You can get the channels that the current user is invited with memberStateFilter. You can accept the invitation as well.

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Thank you for the response. When I apply the memberStateFilter, I do not get the expected results. Here is my scenario:

User1 creates a new channel and only lists User1 as a member via:

		let params = SBDGroupChannelParams() = name
		params.isDistinct = true
		params.operatorUserIds = [me.rawValue]
		params.channelUrl = "\(userChannelPrefix)\(name)"

Then I invite User2 to the new channel via:

But the unexpected results come when I query for channels:

let query = SBDGroupChannel.createMyGroupChannelListQuery()
query?.memberStateFilter = .stateFilterInvitedOnly

My new channel is not returned in that query. But it is returned if I set query?.memberStateFilter = .stateFilterJoinedOnly

Is there anything that could cause that invitation to be “auto-accepted”? I am not calling channel.acceptInvitation() anywhere.

@srgray is there any chance that the individual user has auto-accept enabled on their preferences? You can check via this call.