Viewing all media files sent by the users in a channel


I’m implementing chatting feature with sendbird sdk in our flutter application and I was wondering if viewing all media files sent by the users is possible… Is there a way to show list of all the images / videos / files of an open channel / group channel?

I figure that 1 way to do this is to use 3rd party storage and use sendFileMessage(FileMessageParams.withUrl(url)); when sending a file message. But I want to know if theres other way to do this just with sendbird.

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Yes, it is possible to view all media files sent by the users in an open channel or group channel using the Sendbird Chat SDK. You can use the message collection functionality to keep the client app’s chat view synced with that on the Sendbird server, and retrieve the media files from the messages.

Additionally, if the file encryption feature is turned on, you can retrieve the unique file URL containing the auth parameter with an encryption key of the current user to access and open the encrypted files in the channel.

You can reach out to the Sendbird support team if you wish to enable the file authentication feature.

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