Voice or Video Call is Not Working on Android

I am followed git repository steps , when i try to call on my mobile device nothing is happening, already interested the chat functionality its working fine but not for call.
I have debug the code CallService call is not catch the intent when i call from my mobile 1 to mobile 2, please help me.

Hi @manishahire and welcome to the community!
Have you tried our Android samples? We have for Calls and Group Calls.
They can give you some hints about any missing part:

We also have an already compiled app you can install for testing:

yes i have refer your code while integrating into my code. just let me know that if i use both chat and call sdk together it wont create any issue, because chat push notification is working, but for call sdk i have not receiving any push notification, if i get the push notification so i can handle the background service.

Using both should not be a problem. Remember that Calls push work separately…

These steps are not working for you? > Notifications | Calls Android SDK | Sendbird Docs

Did you check if the token is registered for your user? (you can check this from your Dashboard)
Did you also entered your server key in your Dashboard (for Calls)?



Push token is registered successfully for all my test user, you can verify it using this app_id “E834DE40-417F-46AF-945E-933683C3AECD”. for Project “FaceTime”

Thanks. I assume you also added your server key, of course:

Can you please DM me your application ID and a date and time you were trying these failed calls?

Hi @walter.rodriguez , i have sent you details did you checked the DM.