VOIP not coming for background in iOS

func pushRegistry( _ registry: PKPushRegistry, didReceiveIncomingPushWith payload: PKPushPayload, for type: PKPushType, completion: @escaping () -> Void)

Platform : iOS
Language : Objective c and swift (both)

Above method is calling only on foreground mode,But background and killed mode, i am not getting any notification.

  • user has been registered, same user receive the call on foreground mode
  • added the capability on background mode in xcode
  • uploaded VOIP certificate on sendbird server
  • VOIP token successfully registered on sendbird server.

Anybody please help me out, what can be the reason.

Hello, some other checks:

  1. Please check that you have enabled push notifications for “Incoming Call” on the Sendbird dashboard in the Settings > Notifications > APNs section (The “Alerts” option is only for remote notifications).
  2. The incoming call is handled through CallKit and PushKit, so those must be included in your application to receive the incoming VoIP notifications. Follow the steps for CallKit and PushKit as outlined in this online documentation. Please also check our VoIP notifications guide to ensure that you are registering a token specifically for VoIP and receiving notifications with the pushRegistry(:didReceiveIncomingPushWith:for:completion) method. The method should call the SendBirdCall.application(application:didReceiveRemoteNotification:) method to pass the notification to SendBird Calls, and report the incoming call to CallKit at this time. CallKit provider(provider:action: CXAnswerCallAction) method should call the call.accept() method to connect the call. The application should have registered the DirectCallDelegate and the didEstablish(call:) and didConnect(call:) will fire.
  3. For an example of an app that works with VoIP notifications, see the Calls Quickstart iOS App.
  4. The call should be accepted within 30 seconds, or it will be a “Missed Call”.

Thank you for reply.
I have checked all above points.
Included Callkit and pushkit to my application too.
Still i am not getting call on background mode.

I have tested sendbird Quickstart demo code(what on official doc) provided.For them also background call is not working on iOS platform.