Send-bird calls not receiving on background mode

I have registered both VOIP and remote push notification to receive notification on background mode.
But call receive only on foreground mode, working all things perfect on foreground.

added all capability to work on background mode too.

Not getting what can be the issue,Anyone can help me out please.

Hello, have your tried these sample code:

Please let us know if any of them is not working with your devices.

Some key points to consider:

What development platform are you using? I can provide more check points and see if they can help or figure out why is failing.

Hi Thanks for reply.
For iOS platform.Foreground VOIP notification is working .
But not for background.
I have register both VOIP and Register push token for receiving call.
are they create any problem.

I have uploaded VOIP and APNS certificate on sendbird server,Since it is working as expected on foreground.

Is your APN certificate, FCM (or Huawei Mobile Service) key defined? > Yes uploaded and same app id ,i am using
Is your user subscribed when going to the background? > Where can i check this,Not getting any background key on dashboard


Even I am getting the same issue in iOS. I have followed the same process as mentioned in the documents and also followed the sample project. Please help me resolve this issue.

The call is coming when my app is open but once closed, the calls are not coming.

According to my solution.
I was using older version of sendbird SDK.
So i simply updated my sendbirdcallsdk.and it starts working.
Just try from yourside.if u implemented everything in a correct way and your certificates are correctly uploaded to sendbird server.

Ok. Let me check after updating the SDK.