Want to Use sendbird in Wordpress Site


I want to Show a List of Users like WhatsApp and select any user then chat specific user

can any one help me or any documentation

Hello @Sanjay_Test

You can use Sendbird’s UIKit, which provides a user-friendly interface for such features.

Please refer to the below documentation links for iOS, Android, React, React Native.

React Native: https://sendbird.com/docs/chat/uikit/v3/react-native/key-functions/list-channels

Android: https://sendbird.com/docs/chat/uikit/v3/android/screens/list-channels

iOS: https://sendbird.com/docs/chat/uikit/v3/ios/views/list-channels#1-list-channels

React: Channel list | Chat React SDK | Sendbird Docs

You can download our sample as well and check it based on your use case.

Hi Chinmaya,

Thanks for you response but I want to use it in WordPress/ PHP Site
is there any Sample?

Let me know