Webhook documentation incorrect?

Hi, we’re trying to display custom messages in group channels for various actions. One of which is “{this user} changed the group name to {new group name}”.

The webhook documentation for the group_channel:changed seems to be incorrect. It claims there is an inviter user field. I figured this was a typo for the user who made the change, but upon inspection of the request I don’t see any data that links the change to a user under that field or any other.

Please tell me if I’m incorrect here! I’d appreciate any help. If the docs are indeed wrong, I’d like to make a feature request for a changer field to include the user who made the change.

It’s odd that group_channel:changed has an “inviter” field, and there seems to be an error in the documentation. Even when I did a real webhook test, the “Invite” field didn’t show up.

The webhook data you receive is ok.

Feature requests can be made from the dashboard, but if a request is received, the ETA will not know if it is a non-critical feature.

Dashboard > Contact us