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Welcome to the SendBird community! :sendbird:

We’re glad you’re here. Can you tell us a little about yourself? We know introductions aren’t always easy so here are a few questions to get the creative juices flowing.

  • What programming languages and frameworks do you use?
  • Have you been to any SendBird events or meetups?
  • Do you have any SendBird projects that we can check out?
  • What SendBird SDKs and open source tools are you using?
  • Where else are you on the Internet?
  • What do you do in your non-programming time?

Post a reply below! :pencil:

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My name is Eric and I’m a Support Engineer at SendBird. I’m very excited to get to know you and help make your SendBird projects successful!

As a programmer, I’ve done few projects in my free time or at the hackathons. I’ve built web application FoodBeGone that lets restaurant/grocery store owners upload their food items made by their surplus materials to end-users seeking convenient meals at discounted prices, Barbershop Chatbot that automates hair styling service reservation process. I like coding in Java (Android) and recently got interested in JavaScript (React + Redux). I’ve spent good amount of time thinking about APIs, Virtual Assistant, and Chatbot, and more recently Support Process Design and Community building.

When I’m not programming I like to play tennis, running, cooking, watching Netflix!

Message me anytime to talk about chat/call, startups, community, gifs or emoji.
:telephone: :smile:


An expert in front-end with 17 years of experience. Won the Super Developer K3 contest with AXISJ, an open source Javascript UI framework released in 2013. Later won 2nd place at an open source developing contest with AXBoot and AX5UI.
Has been working on database and developing back end API, communicating with back end developers.


  • Design and develop web application UI

  • Design Javascript UI library

  • Stimulate and lead team members towards a goal

  • Analyze software requirements based on user needs, capabilities, features, time and cost constrains in order to determine design feasibility

  • ECMAScript6, TypeScript, ReactJS, SCSS, CSS, Webpack, jQuery, HTML5, JSP, ASP, PHP


Welcome to the SendBird Community! @Tom_Jang

You are an incredible engineer with lots of open source experience :slight_smile:


Excited to see the beginning of our community! Hope we can really help out the broader developer community. :star_struck:


@john Hi John!! Welcome to the SendBird Community :sendbird: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey SendBird community :slight_smile: We’re excited to be here and so cool to see you have a community! Hope we can be helpful!

Our Background (as a company):
inRecovery is an addiction recovery platform that helps healthcare providers and hospital systems become “tech-enabled”. We serve as their backbone and help make the treatment experience more personalized through the use of data. Additionally, being their infrastructure, we help them adopt point-solution really fast via API’s. Really modernizing our antiquated “legacy” healthcare system. We believe in collaboration, so we help plugin other startups with amazing technology.

We go full circle by helping everyone win, starting with the patient:

  1. Patients have a much more meaningful and personal experience.
  2. Families stay more connected with their loved ones during treatment
  3. Clinicians leverage our tech to become even more amazing at their jobs.

My background (personal):
I’m a serial tech entrepreneur. Started coding around 8 yo, mainly from being massively bullied lol. Computers never kicked my butt, so I stuck to them. As a result, I had my first e-commerce startup acquired when I was 25, by Insight Venture Partners. Later founded one of the first mobile commerce platforms, taking a bet we’d all be shopping on our phones in the future. Turned out to be right and Magento bought us in 2011.

After my second exit, I moved to NY and tried drugs for the first time. I quickly became very addicted to cocaine and later to every drug I could get my hands on, including heroin. Long story short, I spent my 30th bday homeless, extremely addicted and pretty much without hope. Thankfully I got back on my feet, built a consulting firm and was back to “normal”, but I remained heavily addicted to drugs for many years.

In 2016, my best friend passed away from an overdose and that woke me up and I checked myself into rehab. During treatment, I found a major need for tech innovation and had the vision for what is now inRecovery. I truly feel I found my passion there, finally a way to put my talents to good use. Shortly after, founded inRecovery and fast forward 2.5 years - we have an awesome team, great product and we’re crushing it.

inRecovery proudly powers the 2nd largest treatment center in the US and doing our part to help people beat addiction and reintegrate as thriving members of society.

Really excited to start on our journey with Sendbird. It looks like an awesome platform but most importantly you guys seem to have a great team and culture there, which is the most important factor for us.

Happy to contribute to the developer community. Our team has tons of experience in and love React and React Native :heart: We’re ultimately a bunch of tech nerds and engineers, including myself :space_invader: :nerd_face: :metal:


Hi @inrecovery

It seems like you are doing something really awesome and very interesting.

We would love to discuss more how we can help each other.
Would email be a good way to communicate for you?

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Thanks @eric.kim! Much appreciated. Let’s definitely connect.

I’ll send you my work email via direct message.

Welcome aboard! It’s a beginning of our hosted community and grateful to have you here with us!

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@eric.kim @imju Thanks once again for this. We are grateful to our community members of the SendBird community and look forward to more engagement !!

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@Neeraj_Srivastava Hi Neeraj,

Welcome to the SendBird Community and let’s get more people coming!

#It’sGettingHotInHere :man_dancing::dancer:

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Thanks, @john! Looking forward to connecting! Congrats on SendBird’s success


Hi SendBird Comunity,

I am Tahir Alvi from Lahore, Pakistan.

I have 11 years of hands-on experience in designing and crafting apps particularly web and hybrids mobile apps. :globe_with_meridians: :iphone:

  • I am happy to do work in .NET Core and Angular, React and C# mostly. :computer:

  • Yes integrate the SendBird React UiKit in a web project along with Javascript SDK.

  • In spare time, go for kicking or cycling.:biking_man:t2:

  • Love to play and watch soccer :soccer:

Exploring new frameworks and libraries on GitHub is my programming hobby. :heart:

More about me at Linkedin

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Hi, I’m a novice android programmer with sendbird, as programming languages I mainly use Kotlin and Java.
I haven’t had the pleasure of attending a Sendbird event yet, but I’d love to.
I am currently working on the Sixthcontinent application chat:

I’m using SDK sendbird-android-sdk:3.0.142
In my free time I like swimming, cycling, and taking beautiful horse rides.
Now I’m very busy with this chat, it’s the first time I’ve done one and Sendbird seems like a great tool but I still know too little about it, I still need to understand a lot more.
Unfortunately the documentation seems a bit jagged and the test project too small. I think I need help, I hope the community can help me!
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Hi @antonio.vitiello !

Welcome to Sendbird User community!

I also do code in Java :coffee: (?!)
Thank you for sharing your feedback on the product docs and test projects.
Could you tell us a bit more about what you are trying to achieve in the forum?

I am Android Developer in Metamagics Computing Private Limited. I am using Java language for developing android application. I have not attended any Sendbird events or meetups. This is the implementation ‘com.sendbird.sdk:sendbird-calls:1.3.0’ I am using in my android application. I don’t have any Sendbird project now. pravin@metamagics.com is my email Id for contact

=) Lets socialize! ( Hi All ) -

  1. About my self. Read my profile description.

It is All About Me - it is All About You!

  1. Part of my Shamanic Quest Dream ask me to Dive into the World of JavaScript
  2. I Already made few things with Angular and even small stuff with JavaScript.
  3. I registered to this forum because of it’s name. I like it. ( just for fun )
  4. Any Firebase Library included?

I am not a programmer of computers, while we all program, or our own lifes, or others reality.

Hi, my name is Ryan. I took coding courses in college but decided to pursue Graphic Design instead. I currently work as a Graphic Designer for a Non Profit for over 9 years now. I decided about 4 years ago that I wanted to get back into coding to try and build a better career where I could grow professionally. I took an online course “custom WordPress Theme development” among many other courses learning part time on nights and weekends. About 2 years ago, I started learning Full Stack Development working with Laravel and eventually Vue.js. I’m working on a Job Search web application for a client right now that solely focuses on the Cannabis industry, and I’m trying to use the Voice/Video JavaScript SDK to add video conferencing (interviews) into the existing app I’m developed.

For fun I like to play Golf and Basketball, movies, gym, meet friends for drinks etc.

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Hello @RyanSacks!

Welcome to Sendbird Community :partying_face:

That is great that you came back to the coding world. Always nice to be able to create something!
Let us know if there is any question while you working with sendbird SDK/API!