Write Customize Query for Group Channel list

I am looking into UIKit which is Available for web application that how to get filter group channel list by
custom type?
actually i am unable to write code because i am new in react.js.
anybody send me sample code aur example.How to use this function in react.js and how to use groupChannels object .

var myChannelListQuery = sb.GroupChannel.createMyGroupChannelListQuery();
myChannelListQuery.includeEmpty = true;
myChannelListQuery.channelUrlsFilter = ['seminar', 'lecture'];

myChannelListQuery.next(function(groupChannels, error) {
    if (error) {

    // A list of group channels that have 'seminar' or 'lecture' in their URLs is returned.

Hi @vcs_account

I think example 3-2 might be helpful for you. Take a look at “”

Just add

  onChannelSelect={channel => {
    if (channel && channel.url) {
    channelListQuery: {
      includeEmpty: true,
      channelUrlsFilter = ['seminar', 'lecture'];

Side not - I saw you made a similar question at Get Channel List by Customtype is it a separate question?

Thanks @Sravan_S,
I got channel list which i wanted.
But I am stuck another issue actually i want to get messages base on custom type filter in group channel but i have not seen any solution in UIKit document. All examples provide with openChannel.
But I need to get messages base on customtype filter and also create group messages with customtype using UiKit
Do you have any solution or idea. That’s would be helpful for me.

i want to get messages base on custom type filter in group channel

@vcs_account can you explain your use case a bit more better, an example might be nice

All examples provide with openChannel

I think we are in different pages because UIKit doesn’t support open channel, do you mean SDK documentation?

You might want to look at https://github.com/sendbird/SendBird-JavaScript/tree/master/uikit-samples#2-2-customizing-messagelistparams if you want to see how to customize MessageListParams

To add custom types to messages - you can follow this example https://github.com/sendbird/SendBird-JavaScript/tree/master/uikit-samples#2-5-customizing-messageinput or https://github.com/sendbird/SendBird-JavaScript/tree/master/uikit-samples#2-3-customizing-messageparams depending on what level of customization you need

Thanks @Sravan_S,
I have finished this task successfully.
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