Get Channel List by Customtype in Web Widget

Hi SendBird Staff,
Now i am using web widget in own application. Uikit has been already implemented in application,
I have same user cases for web widget.

  1. CustomType filter use in channel List.
  2. Send users list from own database to sendbird server.

how to implement these things in web widget?

Hello @vcs_account

By web widget, do you mean

In that case, channel list query is

For 2 @Alex_Preston

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For number 2 is it safe to assume this is a migration? Or just initial creation? We actually dont recommend you create users in the SDK, rather you should use the platform API to create users.

Yes I am not creating users. I am asking about only filtering thing.

  1. Filter Channel by Custom type
  2. Pass User List own Database to web widget . Because i have users list and i want to just pass to web widget same like React.js UiKit. In UiKit I am using userListQuery. Can we implement same thing in web widget? Do you have sample code?