Ability to send an anonymous message in a group or supergroup channel

We are looking for a way for a member of a group or supergroup to send an anonymous message to a group/supergroup channel. Looking at the documentation, there doesn’t seem to be an immediate answer but I am wondering if it could be achieved by temporarily changing the user avatar and nickname for a single message. If this wouldn’t work are there other suggestions on how this might be achieved (e.g. using a listener and then using a bot to post or using custom_message types…). Any suggestions appreciated! We would need to be able to do this across iOS, Android and Web.

Hi @R_Vanden_Boogard,

Would this message be sent via the FE application or via the Dashboard? Admin messages, which can only be sent via the Dashboard or Platform API, do not have a user associated with them and thus could be considered anonymous. If the message was going to be sent by a user on the FE application, the best option would be to handle this purely on the FE application.

In your FE application you could have an option to send the message anonymously. When doing this, you can add a JSON object to the data field on the message that indicates the message is intended to be anonymous. Then when you go to render the message, you can check the data field to determine whether the message should appear anonymous not and render it accordingly.

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It is intended for the user to send via the FE application. That seems simple enough! I assume though that it would not be viewed as anonymous though if I looked at the message via the Sendbird Dashboard correct?

That would be correct. The message is not technically anonymous as it will have a user associated with it, and thus it would not appear so if viewed on the dashboard.