Visibility of a SendBird Dashboard Moderator in a Group Channel

When I sign into the Sendbird Dashboard and navigate to the Groups Channels, I’d like to be able to allow someone to view across the multiple channels membership and activity without doing anything. I can use a moderator role, but it is not clear to me if that person if viewing from the dashboard is visible on the FE in the application.

Hi @R_Vanden_Boogard,

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Could you help me understand what you mean by:

but it is not clear to me if that person if viewing from the dashboard is visible on the FE in the application

Taking a look at your subscription, you had the Moderation Tools feature, which would allow anyone with the with the Group channels permissions on their role, to view the channels.

Hi Tyler, sorry, I didn’t see the response. We have a few internal staff that want to monitor across multiple super group channels without having to be a member in each to view them through the FE application. I was attempting to understand if they have Dashboard access and have created a moderator role, would that role show as “present/visible” in the FE application when they were logged into the Dashboard. Having tested in our stage application I believe being logged into the Dashboard as a moderator does not impact anything on the FE but it was not clear from any documentation if this is indeed true. Can this be confirmed - a moderator logged into the Dashboard is not visible in the connected FE application?

Hi @R_Vanden_Boogard,

Dashboard roles are not the same as application roles, and thus only exist within the Sendbird Dashboard. Viewing channels via the Dashboard should not impact your front end application at all as the user does not have to be a member of any channels (and thus not visible to the FE applicaiton/users). The Dashboard is built to utilize a mixture of the SDK and Platform API in order to achieve the necessary data you’re looking for.