Able to send/receive messages even after Session Tokens expired

I am authenticating user to Sendbird via Session tokens.
My validation for the session token that I set is about 6 hours.
So even after 6 hours, I am still able to send and receive messages using the same token.

However, if I disconnect and try to connect using the same token only then I get an error regarding the same.

Any pointers here would be very useful.

Hi @Vrunda_Thacker

Great to hear from you. Please can I mention that what I you are experiencing is the expected behavior. Please note that a session token expiration means the token usage is expired not the session. I’ve attached a guide explaining more about access token, and session tokens. I’ve also includes a guide to JWT tokens.

SendBird User Access Guide (6).pdf (572.3 KB)
Authenticating Sendbird Clients with JWTs.pdf (161.4 KB)