Add ConnectionEventHandler


How Is the best form to integrate ConnectionEventHandler in same Class to ChannelEventHandler.

I implemented this in my case.

class ChatProvider
    with ChangeNotifier, ChannelEventHandler, ConnectionEventHandler {
  void _sendBirdInit() {
    try {
      _sendBird = SendbirdSdk(appId: Flavor.sendbird);
      _sendBird.addChannelEventHandler("channel_events", this);
      _sendBird.addConnectionEventHandler("identification_connection", this);
    } catch (err) {
      debugPrint("SENDBIRD_INIT: $err");

With this code not listen connection event handler but listen two times channel event handler.

Thanks for your help

Hello @RicharC

I found a issue with this matter. I will try to fix the issue and release new version soon. Thank you for your patient.