Add Search Feature in Channel List Fragment

We are trying to add a search feature on top of ChannelListFragment. We want to search using the other person’s nickname only since only a 1:1 group conversation is possible for our app. (Similar to the WhatsApp search feature)

Issue: What param should be used in GroupChannelListQueryParams().

  1. Tried nicknameContainsFilter: This returns a list of channels that included the current user’s nickname also.
  2. Tried channelNameContainsFilter: What should we set the channel name in this case?
    Suppose there are two users (nicknames: User1 & User2) in our ecosystem and they have a group channel created between them. For this filter to work correctly channel name from User1’s perspective should be User2 and from User2’s perspective should be User1.

[UIKit Version]

every time

[Current impact]
Feature implementation is blocked at this point.