GroupChannelListQueryParams: Search with filter, UserID(ContactID), Limit, order in GroupChannelListQueryParams


We are Migrating from V3 to V4, While migration we facing some issue is search( Filter ) process. before migration we had created a single group channel instance and after when ever need we used the filter with help of SBDGroupChannelListQuery (setUserIdsIncludeFilter, limit, channelNameContainsFilter) but as now after v4 migration, we see that all filter’s moved into GroupChannelListQueryParams used under the GroupChannelListQuery so we can’t directly pass the value for any kind of filter search as its showing error as below channelNameContainsFilter as a get property and its can’t be added, we can’t create a new GroupChannelListQuery with filter every time as its creating the duplication of groups so kindly check and provide any suggestion/solution.

V3 scenario

Created a instance for GroupChannelListQuery(SBDGroupChannelListQuery) and while needed used the below

func createQueryByChannelName(searchText: String?, query: SBDGroupChannelListQuery?) → {

query?.channelNameContainsFilter = searchText ………….



As now updated in library @objc(SBDGroupChannelListQueryParams) final public class

since GroupChannelListQueryParams that comes under the GroupChannelListQuery
We can’t use after migration as showing error as get only property

[SDK Version]
Migration done from SendBirdSDK (3.0.174) → SendbirdChatSDK (4.12.1)

[Reproduction Steps]
In V3 SBDGroupChannelListQuery used the filter with setUserIdsIncludeFilter, channelNameContainsFilter, includeEmptyChannel and get conversation with order, limit but while trying with V4 its showing error as get property

Migration issue’s

[Current impact]
while try to create a group channel.createMyGroupChannelListQuery listing the conversation with Duplications

Hi Team kindly check and update your solutions